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Nov 6


8:00 AM9:00 AMNetworking; Coffee
9:00 AM9:10 AMOpening Remarks by Julian Leuthold, introducing DAS Alan Turley
9:10 AM9:30 AMComments on US-China Commercial Dynamics

Alan Turley, Dept of Commerce
9:35 AM10:00 AMFireside Chat with Jafar Uddin, Secretary, Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce; interviewed by Raffiq Dossani, RAND Corporation
10:05 AM10:35 AMThe Africa We Don't Know

Mod: Yinka Adegoke, Quartz
Seema Kumar, Johnson & Johnson
Obi Asika, Dragon Africa
Chris Ubosi, Megalectrics
Africa has many images and meanings associated with it, but there is a new and modern Africa on the rise that defies the many stereotypes and assumptions that news organizations and the aid community have perpetuated for the last few decades. This session will explore the dynamism across Africa that presents remarkable opportunities for partnership and prosperity.
10:40 AM11:00 AMData, Privacy, and the Future of Brands' Relationships to Consumers

Mod: Tom Doctoroff, Prophet
Miriam Everett, Herbert Smith Freehills
Companies' use of data and consumers' demands for privacy have generated tremendous controversy in the last few years — controversy that has led to regulatory reactions and consumer distrust. But not all uses of data are bad, and many companies are seeking avenues to maintain trust and public goodwill through value exchange, while looking ahead at how countries are responding to regulation in various territories.
11:05 AM11:25 AMThe World Might Actually Be Flat: How Collaborative Commerce Levels the Playing Field

Bill Bricker, Dreamship
Joanna Ewart-James, Freedom United
& Guests
Cutting-edge technologies are enabling entrepreneurs to create profit with a purpose. Through Collaborative Commerce, we are granting international entrepreneurs unprecedented access to mature markets & achieving social good along the way.
11:30 AM11:40 AMWelcome Remarks, Introducing Mayor Robert Garcia
12:10 PM12:20 PMRemarks from Supervisor Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County 4th District
12:25 PM12:45 PMInnovation, Sustainability, Access, Impact: The Port of Long Beach in 2020 and Beyond

Mario Cordero, Port of Long Beach Executive Director
12:45 PM2:00 PMLunch: In Surrounding Downtown Long Beach
2:00 PM2:50 PMThe North American System & Global Trade: A New Era?

Sage Chandler, Consumer Technology Association
Aaron Emigh, Brilliant
Leila Aridi Afas, Toyota North America
Leila Aridi Afas, Toyota North America
Craig Allen, US-China Business Council
Salvador Behar Lavalle, National Chamber for Sugar & Alcohol (Mexico)
NAFTA has existed as a system to combine the economic advantages of the US, Mexico, and Canada for nearly 30 years, and has created an advantages platform not only for these three economies as the focus either domestically or internationally, but also for foreign companies interested in investing in and selling to the North American countries. With the introduction of USMCA (which will replace NAFTA), some of these dynamics will be adjusted. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has moved on in the wake of the collapse of the Transpacific Partnership and continued trade liberalization across regions. This session will explore what USMCA will do for companies and also examine what this means in the context of global trade, as well as whether the US is keeping apace of other trade pacts — and what this means for companies doing business in North America and other regions.
3:00 PM3:20 PMGlobal Podcast Trends & What They Can Tell Us About Foreign Societies

Jen Sargent, Wondery
Wondery, the largest distributor of podcasts in the world, is going on an aggressive international expansion push. Jen Sargent will discuss how Wondery is understanding, thinking about, and responding to the cultural nuances and needs around the world for listeners of podcast content
3:25 PM4:05 PMGlobal Entertainment

Mod: Bill Simon, Korn Ferry
Bridget Baker, frmr NBCUniversal/CNBC
Andy Bird, frmr Disney International
A discussion about the changing business models, leadership needs and strategies for creating, distributing and monetizing various kinds of content in a constantly changing marketplace. Bill Simon, who leads the Entertainment and Media Practice at Korn Ferry will be talking with Bridget Baker who led the Distribution of Comcast NBCU’s networks for 20 years and Andy Bird who led the Walt Disney Company’s global businesses for more than 14 years.
4:10 PM4:35 PMTaking Mobility Innovations Global: Challenges & Opportunities

Interviewer: John Rossant, CoMotion LA
Sarah Haynes, Bolt Mobility
Bolt Mobility is tackling the global scooter landscape that has taken metropolises around the world by storm. How does Bolt's CEO see the landscape for global mobility, and how will it compete in a space with other players and other modes of transportation, as well as account for regulatory and social challenges? This session will offer insights for how companies can think about transformation and global-local opportunities and challenges in their own industries as well.
4:40 PM5:20 PMChina Super-Session

Mod: Bill Edwards, Edwards Global Services
Debra Lodge, HSBC
Craig Allen, US-China Business Council
Tom Doctoroff, Prophet
Alan Turley, Dept of Commerce
This session will focus on key headline issues of the recent past and near future that have had or will have an effect on the general conduct of business. There will also be a focus on the consumer market and major trends, the effects of politics and policy on the business landscape, and the government as an actor in the economy.

Nov 7


8:00 AM9:00 AMNetworking; Coffee
9:00 AM9:10 AMJulian Leuthold: Introducing Day 2 & Scott Coleman
9:10 AM9:30 AMInspiring Across Borders: Delivering Personalized Ideas at Scale

Scott Coleman, Pinterest
As the world’s inspiration company, Pinterest is bringing people everywhere the inspiration to create a life they love. Building a product that can serve relevant content that feels personalized across cultures and languages is the heart of Pinterest’s global work. In this session, Scott Coleman, Head of International Growth at Pinterest, will show how Pinterest has built the technology to understand content from around the world to bring the inspiring, personalized ideas that represent their interests.
9:35 AM9:50 AMThe Wild and Wonderful World of Compliance

Jack Speece, Safeguard Global
Carol Mello, Safeguard Global
You wouldn't believe some of the stories that compliance professionals see and hear, as well as all of the interesting and surprising problems that can be managed with the right help. This session is an adventure into the strange regulatory landscape governing how companies operate across and within different cultures and territories.
9:55 AM10:20 AMRefugees, Workers, and the Making of a Modern Workforce in Frankfurt

Dr. John Gatto, FrankfurtRheinMain Corp
Frankfurt has long been known as a European hub city — for flights, for finance, for corporate investments in Europe, for Internet traffic and telecoms. But as the Syrian refugee crisis heated up and Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany would absorb a very large number of refugees in 2015, no one knew how they would integrate into life and the labor force in Germany. Thanks to Frankfurt's training and vocational programs, this initial social shock has become a story of robustness through diversity, proactive education policies, and industrious spirit.
10:35 AM11:05 AMAsia Overview: Key Changes from the Ground Up

Mod: Julian Leuthold, GetGlobal
Lennard Yong, Tricor
C. Lawrence Greenwood Jr., Bower Group Asia
Craig Allen, US-China Business Council
The Asian region has experienced many changes over the past few years — from TPP (without the US) to a wave of elections and the Asian response to the Trump administration and China's reactions. While those headline issues tell a macro picture, they also point to some ground-level changes that have direct relevance on companies and their operations in the region. This session will address the Asian context of doing business today.
11:10 AM11:30 AMArtificial Intelligence in Supply Chain: Delivering More Value, Managing Risk

Dr. Christian Heinrich, Scoutbee
Ronald Bogaschewsky, University of Warzburg
11:35 AM12:40 PMEveryone is Welcome: Los Angeles in the Eyes of the World, presented by LA Tourism

Mod: Kevin King, Low Earth Orbit
Larry Freedman, Los Angeles Football Club
Eileen Hanson, Westfield
Dennis Quinn, Universal Studios Hollywood
Nina Hachigian, City of Los Angeles
Foreign perceptions of the United States have changed since the advent of the Trump administration, and it has affected travel, tourism, and their connected industries. But there is one place on the American map that seems to not be affected much by the change in perception — and that place is Los Angeles This session will explore what LA means in the eyes of the world, and how companies can capitalize on that perception today.
12:40 PM2:00 PMLunch: In Surrounding Downtown Long Beach
2:00 PM2:30 PMThe Future in AI and Frontier Tech: Bright or Bleak

Leslie Katz
George Tilesch
2:35 PM3:35 PMInnovation & The Global Green Economy: Prospects for World-Saving Technologies

Mod: Julia Pyper, Political Climate Podcast
Max Aram, Pick My Solar
Jason Gray, California Air Resources Board
Ibrahim Al Husseini, Full Cycle Fund
Yinka Adegoke, Quartz
Stergios Voskopoulos, Kanoo Capital
This session will explore the global opportunity of taking world-saving technologies and policies global, as well as the challenges in doing so from the perspectives of private companies, investors, and public sector actors. 

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