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Alexia Ohannessian
International Marketing Team Lead, Atlassian

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Building a Startup with a Global Mindset

A strong evangelist of remote work culture, Alexia is passionate about the digital industry when it provides the best experience for its international users.

As an early hire at Trello, she managed the translation of into 21 languages through an innovative crowdsourcing effort by utilizing enthusiastic community members from around the world. She also implemented an automated translation process to cover any new product launch in all languages.

In less than three years, her team brought Trello to market in seven different countries (Brazil, France, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). After the Trello acquisition by Atlassian, she helped Atlassian adopt Trello’s localization process across their existing products.

She now focuses on expanding Trello into international markets through a Global Mobile Marketing strategy. She leads Marketing partnerships with global and local stakeholders such as Apple and Vivo.

Before her tenure at Trello, Alexia helped numerous companies create expansion strategies for Latin America. She is also a certified Cross Culture consultant by the Richard Lewis Communications program.

Born in France of Armenian heritage, living in Brazil, and working for an American start-up acquired by an Australian company, Alexia embodies the international function of today’s world. She is fluent in four languages and loves to discover new cultures while road tripping wherever her next flight takes her.

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