• Trade Wars and How to Navigate Them
  • A New Era for Supply Chain Management
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • The New Retail & E-Commerce Landscape
  • Capturing Africa’s Growth Opportunity
  • Solving Payments Puzzles
  • Building Trust With Foreign Partners
  • Programming on China, India, Canada, Mexico, Southeast Asia,  Europe, Africa, the Middle East.
  • Understanding Brand America Today (And Is It Different from Brand California?)
  • Privacy, Data, and Why Cross-Border Data Flows Are Only Getting More Problematic
  • China’s Nationalism & The Current Business Landscape in China
  • Maintaining a Globally Mobile and Agile Workforce
  • Creating a Global Mindset & Culture in Your Company
  • Expansion Playbooks: Keys for Planning and Executing Go-To-Market Initiatives
  • Insights From Foreign & Domestic Innovation Centers
  • Influencers: Leveraging Local Authenticity for Success in Foreign Markets
  • Uses, Abuses, and Misunderstandings of AI in Foreign Contexts
  • The Global SME: What Lean Companies Need to Know
  • Techspansion: Methods of International 
  • And so much more...


Note from GetGlobal’s Founder & CEO, Julian Leuthold:

This past year has seen major changes in the international business landscape. Whether you are worried about trade wars and NAFTA, wondering about the fallout from Brexit, grappling with GDPR, or excited about the consistent growth opportunities across so many markets, there is something new and different in the strategic landscape. With all of the growth and opportunity for new market expansion, there is also plenty of risk to manage and this year’s event will focus on both of those sides of the coin: seizing growth and prioritizing your markets on one side, and spotting risks and managing surprise on the other.

Stay tuned for updates. This is going to be a fantastic year at GetGlobal!


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