Introducing the GetGlobal Speakers

Teri Carpenter
Sr. Global Trade Compliance & Logistics Manager, Modcloth


Supply Chain & The Workforce

Teri is a licensed Custom Broker with nearly 22 years of Global Trade Compliance and Int’l Logistics experience. She has had the opportunity to manage a variety of commodities from wearing apparel, handbags, accessories, footwear, automotive parts, and consumer electronics. Her formal training includes the Global Logistics Specialist Program at Cal State Long Beach, and she is currently enrolled at Bellevue University studying to obtain her B.A. in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 

Her experience encompasses the following:

  • Subject matter expert in forecasting and reporting back to the business on political climate and current U.S. trade issues (Free Trade, Sanctions, Tariffs, etc.) 
  • Implemented written operational procedures in various facets of trade business 
  • Ability to troubleshoot complex import and export issues
  • ACE reporting 
  • Managed import/export requirements and global distribution in over 16 countries 
  • Advanced knowledge of Customs Federal Regulations, US and Canadian Harmonized Tariff Schedule and Schedule B assignment 
  • 11 years of Customs Broker experience and entry processing A-Z and various entry types. I have interacted with the Brokers on the import side to ensure correctness and conformity with all appropriate regulatory laws 
  • Classification of wearing apparel of various textile commodities 
  • In house classification management
  • Free Trade agreements 
  • I have monitored and maintained inventory control systems (SAP) for accuracy, reporting, and inbound material receipt postings 
  • Integration Point 
  • Monitor new developments and changes in customs rulings and laws; import policies to improve efficiency or accuracy 
  • Implemented and maintained a compliant electronic record retention programs and Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS)
  • International Logistics management (factory to door) 
  • Inbound freight negotiations and contracts
  • Vendor and supplier management